Install Ubuntu 24.04

Install Ubuntu 24.04

This tutorial explains how to install Ubuntu 24.04. We recommend that you do not install Ubuntu 24.04 before April 2024 on a productive system. If you want to do so, you can follow this tutorial. If you want to install Ubuntu 24.04 in a Proxmox VM, you can follow this proxmox qemu tutorial. If you want to know what’s new in Ubuntu 24.04 before the release, go on and install it.

1. Download Ubuntu 24.04 ISO

If you are reading this tutorial before the release of Ubuntu 24.04, download Ubuntu Daily Builds.

After the release, you can download Ubuntu 24.04 Release as normal.

2. Create bootable USB Stick

To create a bootable USB stick, you can use a program such as balenaEtcher. Alternatively, you can also create a multiboot stick with Ventoy.

3. Install Ubuntu 24.04

Start your computer from the USB boot stick you have just created.

Select Ubuntu.

Try or install Ubuntu 24.04

Select the language and click Next.

Ubuntu 24.04 language selector

Select Install Ubuntu.

Install Ubuntu 2404

Select your Keyboard layout.

Choose Ubuntu 24.04 keyboard layout

Select the internet connection type.

Connect to the internet

Select whether the default version or extended version should be installed.

Ubuntu install apps

If necessary, select that software should be downloaded during installation.

Ubuntu install third party apps

Select the installation type.

Ubuntu 24.04 erase disk

Now set your time zone

Now enter your name, computer name, user name and a strong password.

Deactivate Active Directory if you do not want to use AD.

Setup your ubuntu 24.04 account

Choose the timezone.

select Ubuntu timezone

Ubuntu will now be installed automatically. This may take a while. It is recommended to have a coffee in the meantime.

Then restart the computer.

You are now finished installing Ubuntu 24.04.


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