GRUB Customizer Tutorial

GRUB Customizer Tutorial

This GRUB Customizer Tutorial explains how to install the GRUB Customizer. The Grub Customizer by Daniel Richter allows the graphical configuration of the GRUB 2 and Burg boot loaders and is used by many linux distributions. It can be used to make simple changes such as the boot sequence (order of the menu entries) or to set the waiting time until the automatic start of the standard entry. The Grub Customizer does not provide a complete graphical interface for configuring all the subtleties of GRUB 2. How to customize the GRUB background image is shown here.

1. Add PPA Repository

You can add the PPA repository with the following command.

add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer
GRUB Customizer installieren - PPA Repository

2. Update

apt update 

3. install GRUB Customizer

You can now install the GRUB Customizer with the following command.

apt install grub-customizer -y

GRUB Customizer installieren - installed

Now you can use GRUB Customizer.

GRUB Customizer installieren - grub customizer


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