• GRUB Customizer Tutorial

    GRUB Customizer Tutorial

    This GRUB Customizer Tutorial explains how to install the GRUB Customizer. The Grub Customizer by Daniel Richter allows the graphical configuration of the GRUB 2 and Burg boot loaders and is used by many linux distributions. It can be used to make simple changes such as the boot sequence (order of the menu entries) or…

  • Unifi Controller Update version 8 Tutorial

    Unifi Controller Update version 8 Tutorial

    In this tutorial, I will explain how to perform an Unifi Controller update version 8.x.xx. This tutorial also works with newer versions than 8.0.7, provided that Unifi does not change the way of installation. It is assumed that you have the Unifi Controller installed on an Ubuntu / Debian server. I can really recommend Unifi…